Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Hilton Doubletree Miami

                                                                                        (View from my balcony)

Our stay at the Hilton Doubletree in Miami contained the perfect components to create a vintage fairy tale! Throughout the duration of our stay in our presidential suite, we were reminded of why some things are better in it's original version.

                                                                                             (Main Lobby)
Eliana definitely approved of the super clean lobby, where we were given more delicious cookies than we could eat. :)

You guys already know how I am about bathrooms. This bathroom was serving us all types of Disney Princess vintage vibes. It was my favorite part of our entire stay. I loved waking up each morning and doing my makeup in natural outdoor lighting.

The fitness center was pretty awesome. It was well equipped to complete anyone's everyday workout routine. 
Not to mention their lovely basketball court,,,

The true test of whether or not a hotel is worth staying for multiple days or not would be condition of the pool. Eliana gave the pool an A+ rating.
All in all, my stay was above average! If you are traveling as a family, I definitely recommend staying at the Hilton Doubletree, It has everything that you could possibly need right inside of the hotel. Pair that up with the awesome breakfast buffet, where they cook your omelettes right in front of you, and you've got yourself a pretty awesome home away from home. 


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