Saturday, January 27, 2018

How a simple Instagram post landed me a contract with my favorite shoe company

(2017, at the Miami Epic Hotel)

Do you guys remember this picture? I remember it like it was yesterday. I was at one of my shows in Miami, and before heading into wardrobe, I snapped a pic in my typical outfit that I wore to all of my shows, which consisted of some basic leggings, a crop top, a backback, and literally the first pair of Puma's that I've ever owned. Although they were my first pair, they quickly became my favorite pair of shoes in my closet, and I wore them everywhere. I realized how much I had actually been sleeping on this brand. I love to do outfit tags on my posts, so naturally, I tagged Puma. I had no idea the doors that this act alone would open for me.

When I tell you guys, within months, I was contacted with an offer and a contract for a Puma sponsorship....all because they loved my personal style. 

I say all of this to say, it is so important to be yourself, and within the process, the brands that mesh well with your authentic self will present themselves. These are the brands that you want to work with. There will be plenty of brands that will try so hard to turn you into who they would prefer for you to be. Those are not the companies you should strive to work with. As an influencer, it is so important not to sell out. 

For anyone who has aspirations to get endorsed by their favorite companies, I promise it's possible. Regardless of how different we all are, there will be companies that genuinely love you for you. Just keep being yourself, and market yourself....I always look on social media, and see all of the "baddies", built like video vixens, with their perfect makeup skills, and fleeked out nails and eyebrows. Although I think they look so beautiful, they look nothing like me, and that's okay. I'm my own kind of beautiful, and so are you. The fact that we are all different is what makes us dope. Continue to work hard, and you will attract the ideal situations for yourself. Get comfortable with doing you, and you'll be surprised at the amount of doors that open up for you.

And that's what Puma represents. I'm never afraid to do me. #DoYou

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Mad About Plaid! (In a good way, of course)

(Bodysuit: Rebellious Fashion, Skort: Fashion Nova)

Who else is obsessed with plaid this winter? It's a huge deal for me, because honestly, I'd stick to wearing solid black all year round if I could, but this year, I decided to take some risks.....and I like it:) What about you? Are you guys feeling the plaid fad as much as I am? If so, Here are some cheat codes for you to get money off on your next purchases: 
Fashion Nova: Azureexo
Misspap: Azuree20

(Set: Fashion Nova)

(Top: Honeybum, Trousers: WantMyLook, Shoes: Nine West)
(Blazer: Miss Pap)
(Bodysuit: Rebellious Fashion)

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