Monday, December 4, 2017

Inspired by the 80's

Feeling a little inspired by the 80's in this little leather mini and comfy sweater, paired with some over-the-knee boots and a boyfriend jacket. This look is the perfect fit to dress up for a day of errands, without completely overdressing. I felt like putting on a minidress today (haha:), but this outfit made me feel equally as sexy. Check the details below:

Shop the look:

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

A Look: Schoolgirl Chic (feat. Puma & Miss Pap)

I've been really feeling this look lately, and for some reason, it just kind of works for me. I've always been a really girly-girl, so skirts are definitely a staple in my wardrobe. Pair a cute mini with some over-the-knee socks, and a beret, combined with your own personal style, and you have to admit...a little magic happens.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Monday, October 23, 2017

What Eliana Wore (The Mustard Edition)

Sweater: Crazy 8
Skirt: Crazy 8
Shoes: Converse

Azuree X honeybum

What Eliana Wore (Furry Feline Edition)

I love this particular look, because it is the perfect expression of Eliana's personality!!! Details below:)

Faux fur vest: Old Navy
Meow Tee- Old Navy
Black leggings: Target
Boots: Doc Marten

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Rio Human Hair

Hello Ladies! If you are looking for quality human hair, then you have got to check out Rio Human Hair!! 

This hair is absolutely incredible! 
I'm generally not a "sew-in" type of girl. Generally when I wear extensions, I wear clip ins, simply because they are non committal, and allow you to nurture your own hair everyday. But if I am getting hair sewn in, the hair has to be amazing....and Rio Human Hair surpassed all of my expectations!

Generally when you have hair installed, it is not in your best interest to cut the wefts, because that tends to lead to an unbearable amount of shedding. With this hair, I did not have that issue. I did have the wefts cut, and I had very minimal shedding. 

The best thing about this hair is the amount of luster that it holds, without adding any product to it whatsoever. 

I received the "Body Wave" which can be purchased here:

This hair requires little to no maintenance, and remained soft the entire time that it was installed. 

If you're looking for quality hair, check out their website, and be sure to follow them on instagram @RioHumanHair

xoxo, Azuree

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

I Cannot Get Enough Of These Tran-seasonal Fall Looks!!! (Details beneath each outfit:)

While we are on the verge of some serious fall weather in Atlanta, I could not help but to try to incorporate tran-seasonal looks into my wardrobe. These looks are trendy enough to be fashionable for the fall, while also showing enough skin to ensure that you don't burn up on those 70 degree fall days! Enjoy :)
 Top: Showpo
Skirt:Fashion Nova
 Top: Windsor Store
Skirt: Fashion Nova
Boots: Nine West

 Top: My Grandmother's closet (haha)
Skirt: Fashion Nova

 Dress: Parisian Wholesale

2 in 1 Dress: Showpo

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Fall Fashions...Finally!!!

I am sooooo excited to finally have the opportunity to do a fall lookbook this year! After spending the past few rears living in the endless summer bliss of Miami, I am finally back in a place where the seasons change....somewhat lol. So I am going to start you guys off with some trans-seasonal stuff because let's be real, I live in Atlanta, and it's still hot. So, here goes...

All of these adorable looks came from Fashion Nova!! Use Code Azureexo for money off:)

New boot alert!! These babies are the newest addition to my boot collection, so be prepared to see these a lot this fall! These babies came from Rockport, and I've seriously never worn a boot this comfy! These boots are from the Cobb Hill collection, they run for $170.00, and are well worth every penny.

How Almost Losing My Life Encouraged Me To Start A New One

What do you think of when you think of dying?

Personally, the thought had never even crossed my mind.... until I was standing at what appeared to be the end of the road for me.

After spending a long summer in Michigan, I was more than thrilled to be back home in Atlanta. Although I was not yet physically in a place of my own, for some reason, I still felt as though I was at home. I basically bounced back and forth between the homes of my closest friends while my apartment was being prepared. I felt blessed...but still on edge as usual.

One night, as my husband was preparing to fly out to Miami in the morning, I sat in the car for about an hour with him, discussing what was about to transpire. "I don't know" I remember saying, "I really don't feel comfortable with you going to South Florida right now with Hurricane Irma coming, but at the end of the day, you are your own person, and you're going to make your own decisions". He looked away, while responding "Yea...". At that point, I knew that I had to make my peace with him leaving. I went into my friend's house to go to sleep, in preparation to take him to the airport at 5am.

I woke up before my alarm due to a very disturbing nightmare of me getting into a car wreck. Shook by the dream, I stared at my phone for about 20 minutes until my husband had woken up. I looked at him and asked, "Ready to roll?" He nodded, and we were off. As he drove to the airport, he looked at the steering wheel with a bit of confusion. He then said, "After you drop me off, don't drive this car unless it's an absolute emergency. This steering wheel feels a little weird, and it should not." I nodded, and continued to sit there in silence. Once we dropped him off, Eliana was in tears, of course, but I assured her that we would be alright, and I proceeded to look for my glasses so that I could drive back to my friend's house. Strangely, I could not find them. I gave up on trying to find them, and grabbed my backup pair instead.

The drive started off rather smoothly. I was only going about 51 mph, (because I drive like a Grandma, lol) when things took a turn for the worst. Suddenly, the steering wheel began to feel extremely loose, and was no longer controlling the car. I suddendly got scared as my car began to spiral out of control. It spun out twice, before spinning into the left lane, and crashing into the highway median. In that moment, I closed my eyes as I began to see all of the people I love in my head, devastated because I would never get the opportunity to see them again."This is it.." I remember thinking.

I opened my eyes, to see my airbag deployed, and cars driving by. "Eliana! Eliana, are you okay?" I yelled. "Yes. Yes Mommy, I'm okay" she responded. I looked back, and she was perfectly fine. I turned forward, and burst into tears. I jumped out of the car, and grabbed my daughter, as cars continued to pass us by on the highway. A woman pulled over, got out of her car, and rushed to us. "Are you okay? OMG, I saw the entire thing, that was awful, I'm calling an ambulance!" I really did not feel that I needed an ambulance, because aside from the bruising on my arms, I felt perfectly fine. But she insisted that my adrenaline was very high, and that was the reason I felt no pain at the moment. She was right. I figured that my husband was on his way to Florida already, but I took a chance and called him. He was boarding his plane at the time. I told him what had happened, and he asked what hospital they were taking us to so that he could Uber there. I looked at the woman, and broke down crying once again. She hugged me and said, "I understand". I thanked her, and proceeded to get in the ambulance. As I sat in the ambulance with my daughter, she said, "Mommy, I don't want to die." I hugged her, and suddenly, all I felt was gratitude. For some reason, I could not find one negative thing to say about the situation. I have my life, I have my baby, and I could not have asked for a better outcome.

At the hospital, the doctors and nurses were shocked that Eliana and I were in such good condition given the situation. "It's a wonder that you're even still alive!" one of the nurses said.

I do still have my car as well. It is still in the shop, and thanks to the fact that I was driving so slowly, the damage was not as half as bad as it could have been.

Today, aside from the subconscious things that I'm dealing with, I find it very hard to see the negative in any situation. I'm using this as an opportunity for a much needed spiritual reset. I am amazed at all of the time that I'd wasted being on edge for no particular reason, getting off track with my prayers and meditation sessions, and simply not applying my knowledge to my everyday life. The universe certainly has a way of getting your attention when you begin to get distracted. As you read through this blog post, you have probably picked up on the fact that the universe laid out all of the signs for me to completely avoid the accident altogether, I just did not heed those signs, nor did I even notice the signs at the times that they were presenting themselves. I had gotten so disconnected from my spirituality that I was unable to see the path that was clearly laid out for me. This was my wake up call, and because of it, I wake up every morning with gratitude on my mind. 


Azuree X The Law of Detachment

As a lot of you all have probably noticed, one of my favorite books of all time happens to be the "7 Spiritual Laws of Success" by Deepak Chopra. I try to apply the laws of this book to my everyday life, simply because they resonate with me. I feel that applying these laws would give anyone a better quality of life. The one law that I've been having trouble applying as of lately would be the law of detachment. Over the past few months, I have grown to discover attachment being the biggest hindrance in my life. I don't have a regular attachment to everyday things. My attachment happens to be to the people in my life. My attachment, combined with the fact that I'm a serious empath, has lead me in some undesirable directions, and I have only had myself to blame.

Deepak states "In detachment lies the wisdom of uncertainty . . . in the wisdom of uncertainty lies the freedom from our past, from the known, which is the prison of past conditioning. And in our willingness to step into the unknown, the field of all possibilities, we surrender ourselves to the creative mind that orchestrates the dance of the universe."

I put a lot of energy into my relationships with others, which leads to expectations.....which are never really fair to anyone.

Oprah says that when you're running your race, it is important not to focus on the other guy, due to your inability to control the other guy. In other words, stay in your lane by staying focused on your purpose and the energy that you are putting out. There is no way that you can remain focused if you're too focused on others.

Being detached doesn't mean that you don't love people, or don't care for others. It simply means letting go of expectations of the outcome of things...and trusting your journey. There have been times when I would worry a lot about my husband and his safety, instead of trusting that he would be okay, and whatever happens is meant to happen. There were times when I would allow myself to be saddened by the idea that people would not be there for me in the same ways that I was there for them. There were also times when I would always feel guilty for telling people "No", or whenever I did tell them "no", I would have to have some grand explanation that made everyone feel comfortable with my answer. All of these are characteristics of being attached. These characteristics usually left me dealing with anxiety over situations that were never even that big of a deal to begin with.

Realizing that we all have our own journeys, and that without giving my all to my own individual journey, I am in no position to serve others, led me to embrace the feeling of detachment. Loving without attachments and expectations allow me to love more freely without conditions....and there really is no other way to love. xo

Azuree X Michael Kors

I was am extra excited about my collaboration with Michael  Kors! The purpose of the collab was to launch their new Sexy Ruby Perfume. I'm attaching the link so that you guys can purchase it with my discount. This scent is one of my new favorite scents of the fall! Click the link below to check it out.

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