Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Coffee and.....bee pollen?

I know that you guys may be wondering why on earth did I completely switch up the blog on you guys. Here is why:

Simply put, we all go through phases in our lives. I absolutely loved writing as "The Model Mom" but I have outgrown that phase in my life. "The Model Mom" was a phase about me learning myself as a wife and a mother, while still trying to stay active in the things that I'm passionate about. It was pretty much an adjustment stage in my life. I really appreciate you guys being a part of that journey with me, but now that I've settled in, I'm past that phase. 

"Coffee X Bee Pollen" pretty much is the story of my life. Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm probably addicted to coffee. Lol. Not proud at all. I'm sure everyone knows what coffee is, and the effect that it has on people. But I'm sure that not many of you know what bee pollen is. Bee pollen is literally one of the most amazing superfoods that you could possibly consume. Both of these products have similar effects. They both give you energy...they are both mood enhancers...and they pretty much give you a happier outlook on life when you consume them. I've been told that my presence has this same effect on people, which pretty much sums up the name of my new blog!

Thank you guys for following my blog, and I look forward to sharing so many things with you this year! 

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