Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Power of Intention

I'm sure that everyone is aware of the saying, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you". That's pretty much the way that the universe operates, right? So..anything that we put out into the universe, we are guaranteed to get it back in return. Although that seems rather simple to understand, it is actually more complex than that. 

The universe doesn't operate based on our operates based on our intentions. Our intentions rule our lives, which is why people who pretend to be something that they're not never really get anywhere in life. 

Have you ever heard someone say, "I'm going to do this so I won't block my blessings"? The thing about that statement is that the motives behind it are all wrong. Their reasoning behind their actions are all wrong. We shouldn't do things with the hopes of getting something in return. We should do things if it is a part of our character. Regardless of what we do, our character doesn't change. If you constantly do good deeds, yet you see no reciprocation for your actions, the problem is that you aren't doing things for the right reasons. 

Alternate Reality 

Are you guys aware of the fact that the average person spends 20 years sleeping in an entire lifetime? At that point, our dreamworlds could be considered to be an alternate reality. We are pretty much just living out life through our subconscious minds. One thing that I've noticed is that regardless to how crazy my dreams may be, my character never changes. I am who I am, in every situation. In our subconscious minds, we are our truest selves, because our subconscious minds don't have the time to manipulate our characters into something that it is not. 

Have you ever considered that since we create our own realities, we could actually be manifesting things that we are putting out into the universe, via our subconscious minds? At that point, although it seems like we don't have very much control, we in fact have more control than ever. All we have to do is elevate our minds. 

4 Steps to having a healthy, peaceful, subconscious mind:


•Remember that it is always better to be kind, rather than to be right

•Always strive to help. In the 7 Spiritual Laws of Success, Deepak Chopra states that your spirit seeks to help. The spirit asks, "How can I help?".  The ego asks, "What is in it for me?"

•Trust the process

•Always act out of love

What are some of the things that you do to keep a peaceful mind?

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