Monday, February 1, 2016

Why Placing Emphasis On Material Things Will Be Our Downfall.

In a world full of obsession over materialistic things, it's no wonder why we are all so easily distracted. So much emphasis is placed on labels, cars, clothes, mansions, and all of these other disposable things. But what if I told you guys that none of those things even matter "in real life"?

I overheard a person tell someone that "you're vibrating on a lower frequency than me because you don't aspire to live in a castle...and I do. " There are so many inaccuracies in that 1 statement, but I will keep it brief. Just because a person aspires to have material things does not mean that they are more "in tuned" with the universe. It simply means that they are focused on having material things. 

The reality of the entire situation is that we are all spiritual beings, and this lifetime is merely one of the many phases that our spirits will go through. This is why it is important to do things that will feed our souls. 

A Lesson From a Child

My daughter loves toys, and of course, I buy them for her. But she does not care where they come from, she just likes what she likes. The other day we went thrifting, because I like vintage things. Eliana saw a car for her Barbie dolls that she immediately fell in love with. We purchased the car for her, (which costed 2.99, btw) and she held onto until we got back home. She wanted to show every person she came in contact with her new car. 

That's just the way she is....that is the way that I am. If we like something, then we like it. It doesn't matter how much it cost. But why should it? The fact of the matter is that when we have things for a certain period of time, we become bored with them anyway, no matter what the price of it was. It's just human nature. The reason this happens is because these things don't necessarily feed our spirits. They are for entertainment purposes. They feed our egos. They add no value to us when our time is up on this earth. If you spend your life focusing on these things, you probably won't get any closer to finding out your divine purpose. Placing too much emphasis on things that feed our egos will never end well, because our egos can never be viewed in a positive light, nor will they ever be satisfied. So why nurture something like that? That's like trying to nurture a leech. Certain things derive from ego, such as fear, greed, and the constant need for the approval of others. 

So what type of things actually feed our souls?

I have come across some things on my journey that have added more value to my life than any material thing that you could possibly think of. 

1) Meditation

I've made a promise to myself to meditate for at least 10 minutes everyday before I get out of bed. It gives me clarity, and gives me the opportunity to pay attention to the tone that I am seeing for my day. 

2) Reading

There are certain things that I've read that have actually changed my entire life. Some of the most inspiring books that I have read are The Alchemist, The Four Agreements, The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success. 

3) Enjoying Nature

There is some interesting awakening that I feel when I go to the beach, listen to the rain, or even go out for a walk. 

4) Passion

It seems pretty self explanatory why passion feeds your soul. But it has to be true passion. Your spirit connects with your true passions. When you participate in things you are passionate about, it creates a feeling of true happiness...and that is the goal, right? To obtain true happiness? 

The end result should indeed be true happiness. What are some of the things that feed your soul?
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