Thursday, March 3, 2016

Eating Habits

I get asked a lot of questions regarding my diet all of the time. Some people assume that I'm vegan. Some people are surprised that I even eat at all. So I will break it all down for you:

No, I'm not vegan, I'm just s very picky eater. 

I'm not really big on labeling things, but I am pretty picky about what I eat. I would have a vegan diet if I weren't so obsessed with seafood. Lol. But since I won't be giving that up anytime soon, I'm going to have to be ok with not being vegan. 

I never really get offended anymore when people ask me if I eat enough, simply because everyone who truly knows me, knows that I eat more than most people combined. No I don't make food choices based on my career. If I had to starve myself in order to look the way that I do, I would not be a model. I love food way too much. 

I'm just very particular about what I put into my body. So when you see me eating vegan cookies, it's only because they are my favorite. Oh...and I think that animal milk is disgusting, so I'd prefer cookies that aren't made with it. I hope this answers a lot of your questions. ❤

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