Saturday, May 14, 2016

3 Week Review of my Empire Bundles Colombian Wavy Extenstions

For the last 3 weeks, I have been rocking my gorgeous Colombian Wavy extensions from Empire Bundles. It has been a really good experience so far. There are 5 things that help me determine the quality of hair extensions. This hair is the the first hair that I've tried that has passed all of my tests with flying colors!

The Shed Test (100%)
I hear of so many women complaining about their extensions shedding. I understand how this can be a huge issue. I have actually worn extensions before that shed so badly, to the point where hair started turning up in mysterious places. (The shower, Eliana's toys, the kitchen cabinet, my underwear drawer, ect...) LOL. I can confidently say that these extensions don't shed at all. I was pleasantly relieved.

The Maintenance Test (100%)
A very important thing to me when it comes to hair is how often I have to comb or brush it throughout the day. If I have to spend the same amount of time maintaining my extensions, as I spend on maintaining my natural hair, then the extensions are not worth it to me.These extensions require little to no maintenance throughout the day, which is a major plus for me.

The Humidity Test (100%)
Living in Miami really takes a toll on my hair on most days, which is why I would prefer to wear extensions. It is pretty "interesting" when I am trying to run around to castings, and by the time I get to my first casting, I look like a frizzy mess. lol.The last thing that I need is for my extensions to be effected by the humidity as well. That would make wearing extensions completely pointless. These extensions don't frizz up on me. The way that I leave the house is pretty much the way that I can count on looking for the entire day. 

The Blend Test (100%)
It is verrrrrrrrrry important for any extensions that I put in my hair to look like just that: like an extension of my natural hair. My curl pattern is not really that tight, but it is not straight either. I need for the hair to blend perfectly, because I don't like full head sew ins. This hair blended perfectly with my hair, which I was extremely happy about. 

The Wash Test (100%)
Last but not least, I washed my hair 2 days ago, and it turned out beautifully. Of course, It does not feel as silky as it did when I first had it installed, but it still feels pretty amazing. On top of the fact that my drain was not clogged with hair when I was done. 

All in all, this hair is pretty amazing. I would recommend it to all of you ladies. Use my promo code: AzureeEmpire to get 5% off of your entire purchase.

Your crown awaits. :)

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