Saturday, August 9, 2014

Too "Fashion" For Commercial? When They Try To Put You In A Box..(a random fashion post)

Hey guys!

This has really been on my mind for the past few days, so I'm happy to finally post it. Some of you can relate, most of you can't...but here goes...

I was reading an article recently, and in the article, the author stated that modeling agencies will come up with plenty of excuses to reject you. They will even say things such as, "You are too editorial", which translates to "you are just too ugly, sorry". As much as I wanted to root for the person writing this article, I had to sadly disagree with them. Maybe they're wrong....or are they?

One of the most important things that you can do in your modeling career is find a management team that believes in you. So what does this say about the models that are being told that they are "too editorial", yet, they're already signed? The statement kind of contradicts itself, due to the simple fact that I don't think that an agent will sign a model if they find her to be ugly. It makes no sense.

I have personally been told that I am "too high fashion" at nearly every commercial agency that I've been signed with. I've still been signed, but the commercial jobs definitely weren't coming my way. I was excepting of it, and I had gotten to a place where I was okay with it.

Until one day....

Working with many agents, you pretty much get used to the things they may say. Making the decision to take my talents to Miami seemed to be an easy decision for me, at first. The agent that I'm working with decided that it would be a good idea to market me in more of a commercial way, because I was "too fashion" for a market that specializes in Macy's and swimwear. He certainly can't think I'm "too ugly" can he?

So now, here I am, doing only commercial/lifestyle shoots. My agents are happy, and I'm chuckling, because I'm sure that everyone doubted whether or not a six ft tall, size two girl, can actually be relatable on a "girl-next-door" level. I am. I knew that I was doing something right when my mom called me to tell me, "I love your new work. You look sooo commercial now". lol

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