Saturday, August 9, 2014

Do Think Your Baby Has What it Takes?

Hey Guys!

So, I have completely lost count of the amount of times I get asked, "I really want to get my child into modeling. What do I do?"

Not only have I been modeling for some years now, but my daughter Eliana recently started working with her first modeling agency as well. As most of you guys probably know, if you want to have a successful modeling career, you have to have a good agency behind you. I'm finally posting step by step tools to get your adorable child's foot in the door, and on his or her way to a successful modeling career.

1) Take some digitals.
Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to have professional pictures to become a model. To get noticed by an agency, all you need are simple snapshots (as pictured above). Who knew? A small digital camera will do the job. Agencies just want to see what your baby looks like. That's it. So take the photos and send them in. Just the original photos. No filters, no photoshop, or none of those ridiculous skin softening apps that are becoming very popular. *side eye* Just the pictures.

2) Google modeling agencies in your town.
If you want to get your baby into modeling, my advice would be to start close to home. The reason is simple. Most parents do not have time to fly all around the world with their child, and that's okay. If you get a local agent, then the majority of your child's jobs will be local.

3) Make sure that the agency you choose is reputable.
If they ask you for money up front, then it is a scam. Many companies prey on naive parents, desperate to make their child a star. Be extremely careful. A legit agency will take any fees, such as photography and website fees, out of your child's first paycheck. If you don't make money, then they don't make money.

4) Be prepared for rejection.
Many people are surprised to learn that the majority of a model's career is spent being told "no". I've approached dozens of agencies before I found the right one for Eliana. And many of them told me that "She just isn't what we're looking for right now, but please resubmit in 6 weeks". That does not mean that your child is ugly. Agencies choose their models according to what their clients are asking for at that particular time. If they say "no" then it could simply mean that they may not have enough work for your child at the time. They could have too many "curly haired" models on their roster at the time, and not enough work to satisfy them. You never know. So don't take it personally.

Those are the four steps to get the ball rolling in your child's modeling career. Feel free to contact me with any questions.  Thank you for visiting my blog, and I wish you the best of luck! :)


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