Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Fall Fashions...Finally!!!

I am sooooo excited to finally have the opportunity to do a fall lookbook this year! After spending the past few rears living in the endless summer bliss of Miami, I am finally back in a place where the seasons change....somewhat lol. So I am going to start you guys off with some trans-seasonal stuff because let's be real, I live in Atlanta, and it's still hot. So, here goes...

All of these adorable looks came from Fashion Nova!! Use Code Azureexo for money off:)

New boot alert!! These babies are the newest addition to my boot collection, so be prepared to see these a lot this fall! These babies came from Rockport, and I've seriously never worn a boot this comfy! These boots are from the Cobb Hill collection, they run for $170.00, and are well worth every penny.

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